Head to Toe, No Job Is Too Small

Leather Restoration
Like anything else, leather can start to show signs of wear and tear. Express Repair can restore your leather items to their like new original condition.

Sole Repair and Replacement
When the soles of your shoes wear out, don't throw them away. Bring them to us to have them resoled. Why throw out your favorite pair of shoes just because the bottoms are a bit worse for wear. We can re-sole your shoes and have them back to you in the fastest possible turnaround time, ensuring that you will have them back for that special occasion.

Heels & Shine
Once the heels go, the rest of the shoe isn't far behind. We have techniques to give your shoes extra mileage. Heels are inexpensive to fix and can give your shoes two, three or even four times the life span they would have had, leaving you extra money to do what with, ah yes... buy more shoes.
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